#tbt to Thin Ice!


Remember when Thin Ice was a cute, little store operating out of one tiny storefront, starting way back in 2006?  But then, in 2012, all that changed when Brian Art Galleries, Thin Ice’s kindly neighbor, decided to retire. Seeing an opportunity Thin Ice wasted no time knocking out the adjoining wall and taking over the storefront formerly occupied by Brian Art Galleries. 

The result: more room for more artists! Thin Ice was able to expand the Planet Love Clothing line to include all styles and colors and to include Tanya’s hand printed, signed and numbered framed wall art.
Joe and Tanya, of Planet Love Designs, painting a new display they made for their shirts
Also included in the expansion was expanding the Buffalo Gal Organics line, again to include it in its entirety.  This means all the make up, all the face lotions, and body lotions, and face washes. Not to mention the body scrubs and lip balms and the oils! Did we mention the oils! A full line of purely botanical, all essential oils and aromatherapy blends.  Best of all it’s all vegan and organic. Now there is even a vegan, organic deodorant!

The expansion was primarily to be able to focus on more artists and support them more but the icing on the cake was the build out of a studio/classroom space available not just to the artists but to whomever else wishes to use it as well.  The artists have used it for Launch Parties of new products, or trunk shows to sell directly to their customers but it has also been used to host Paint Nites, candle making classes, Tarot card sessions, and much more.  This space is ever evolving to welcome more, and different people into it so that you, the community, has an interesting place to come to for shows, events, classes.



To end this #tbt Thin Ice would like to extend a heartfelt and very sincere thank you to all of you for making this expansion possible.  Bringing the artists and the community together has always been the mission of Thin Ice and we are thrilled and grateful for the opportunity.