Is that...could it be??? Why YES, Thin Ice finally has a local glass blower!

A few short weeks ago Thin Ice was thrilled to welcome Robin Nicolai into Thin Ice as one of the newest artists and one whom Thin Ice has been searching and hoping for since the beginning of time (or 2006, when Thin Ice opened depending on how dramatic you want to get).

Originally from Buffalo, Robin spent a few years traveling the country before settling into Southern Illinois for a bit where she learned how to blow glass from someone she'd met along the way.

Now back in Buffalo, Robin has stayed true to her craft and works in her backyard blowing glass into little turtle shapes, jars, perfume bottles and pendants. Her work is stunning yet organic with no two pieces alike.

Thin Ice is really thrilled to be able to feature Robin's work and we look forward to you stopping in to 'ooh' and 'ahh' because really who can't look at a mini glass turtle and not have that reaction?